( 1700-1782 )


Charles-François Lacroix de Marseille, an eminent 18th-century painter, was born around 1700 in Marseille and died in Berlin in 1782. He was noted for his remarkable talent in the creation of landscapes and seascapes, capturing the essence of the style of masters such as Claude Joseph Vernet, Jean-Joseph Kapeller, Jacques-AntoineVolaire and Henry d'Arles. Trained under the tutelage of Joseph Vernet, he enriched his artistic knowledge during a stay in Rome in 1754, where he was exposed to the abundance of Classical art and the inspiration of the Eternal City.

From 1776 onwards, Charles-François Lacroix exhibited brilliantly and enjoyed considerable success. His career led him to spend much of his life between Italy, the cradle of classical art, and his native Provence, where the beauty of the landscapes had a major influence on his work.

In 1780, Charles-François Lacroix took an artistic initiative by publishing an advertisement for students to join his studio in Paris, thus sharing his knowledge and talent with the new generation of artists.

His impact extended beyond his own creations, as eminent engravers such as Jean-Jacques Le Veau and Noël Le Mire were inspired to immortalise some of his paintings through their engraving skills, thus preserving his artistic legacy for future generations.

The painting of Charles-François Lacroix de Marseille continues to shine as a tribute to art and nature.

His passion for the sea and his exceptional artistic talent have propelled him to the top of his field. His works of art are imbued with a deep understanding of the ships, oceans and maritime life of his time.

Charles-François Lacroix de Marseille was renowned for his ability to capture the majesty of warships, merchant sailing ships and coastal scenes with striking accuracy. His paintings were characterised by a vivid colour palette and meticulous attention to detail, making them both artistic and historically valuable.

His paintings were used to document important maritime events of his time, including naval battles and expeditions. Charles-François Lacroix de Marseille made a significant contribution to the visual preservation of 18th-century French maritime history.

His artistic legacy lives on, with his paintings exhibited in museums and collections around the world, bearing witness to the talent and passion for the sea that marked the Age of Enlightenment.


Coastline in calm weather
Storm near the coast, in the evening
Fishermen lifting their nets near a cave
View of a port with a Dutch ship
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