Hubert Robert 

1733 - 1808

Landscape with washerwomen at the fountain

Oil on panel

Dimensions : 31,5 cm x 37,5 cm / 12.20 inch x 14.57 inch
Dimensions with frame : 48 cm x 41 cm / 18.90 inch x 16.14 inch
Artwork description

The painting entitled "Paysage aux Lavandières à la fontaine" is a captivating work by artist Hubert Robert, transporting us into a dreamlike world where the ancient rubs shoulders with the everyday, creating an unexpected harmony. At the center of the composition, a group of Lavandières, dressed in shimmering gowns, go about their chores near a magnificent fountain. Just behind the washerwomen, a majestic circular temple emerges, its delicate colonnades seeming to dance with the wind. On the horizon, small mountains loom, framing the picture in a gentle embrace, their silhouettes evoking the eternal tranquility of natural landscapes.Read more

Hubert Robert has masterfully and sensitively captured the timeless essence of the place, juxtaposing the transience of everyday life with the perenniality of ancient architecture, and each brushstroke seems to have been laid down with care and devotion, inviting us to contemplate this spellbindingly beautiful landscape.

Madame Dubernet-Douine, Château de la Boissière

Patricia Kluge Collection

Hôtel LAMBERT: A Principled Collection

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