1700 - 1782

Fishermen lifting their nets near a cave

On their original canvas, signed, situated and dated:DeLacroix, Fait à Rome, 1759.

Dimensions : 66,5 cm x 100 cm / 25.98 inch x 39.37 inch
Dimensions with frame : 82,5 cm x 115,5 cm / 32.28 inch x 45.28 inch
Artwork description

On the one hand, wild, unspoilt nature; on the other, a port with lively quays and antique-style architecture: two worlds born of the same destiny, that of Charles-François Lacroix de Marseille, whose paintings in pairs are among his most sought-after.Read more

Already in his day, he was in demand for his seascapes, which he designed in pairs, brilliantly varying his compositions according to the time of day, climatic effects or the variety of narrative elements.

The picturesque animates its calm landscapes with romantic overtones,like this bewitching cave or the sun whose course we follow from one painting to the next. And so, in the midst of such paradisiacal visions, transfixed by the sun's rays, glowing with varying degrees of brilliance and reflected in the waters of a calm sea, vivid and anecdotal scenes play out.  

There, washing dries on top of the imposing castle, fishermen at work, ignoring the onlookers. But both the urban view and the coast call up memories of the fifteen years or so that the painter spent in Italy.

From a private collection in the 6th arrondissement of Paris, these paintings were acquired from the antique dealer Maurice Segoura in the 1980s and have remained in the same family ever since.

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